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Image Not Working for Ad Creative Builder
Image Not Working for Ad Creative Builder
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If you're encountering an issue with uploading an image or receiving creatives that don't look right, follow this checklist to ensure that you're uploading an image that is in required format and is of high quality for us to make your creatives best as possible!

High Quality File Checklist

  1. Your image file is in .PNG format - .JPG / .JPEG / .SVG are not supported.

  2. Your image has a transparent background. If you need help removing the background, we highly suggest using simple tools such as RemoveBG. This will also export the image as a .PNG for you!

  3. Your image file isn't too small. We suggest having your image be at least 800x800 pixels for product images and 500x200 pixels for logos. Square images are most compatible.

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