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What is the "Creativity Amplifier"?
What is the "Creativity Amplifier"?

Copy features explained: Creativity Amplifier

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When creating your ads, you may notice the "Creativity Amplifier" setting inside of the copy builder (pictured below)

When utilizing this feature, you are telling AdCopy's AI model how creative or random you wish your outputs to be!

On a sliding scale of 1-10 you have full flexibility with 1 or the lower numbers to be more straightforward and in line with your inputs or on the other side, to steer toward higher numbers all the way up to 10 for the most creative we can get!

Fair warning; setting the Creativity Amplifier all the way to 10 may have our AI coming up with some interesting ideas and angles. We always suggest double checking to ensure we didn't get too creative πŸ™‚

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